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Agrawal - Bania - Vaishya

The history of Agarwals has been researched by many people. I am writing this article to enlighten the Agarwal, Agarwal Jains, Bania & Vaishya community. The article is based on study of wide ranging articles, practices that are followed in India and personal experience gained during my life time. It is well known fact that lot of material has been inserted in original Mahabharta regarding four varna theory.

Maharaj Agrasen is regarded as family God for all Agarwal community. He was born 5200 years ago around the time of Mahabharat. That was the last leg of Dwapar Yuga and beginning of Kaliyuga. He was the eldest son of Suryavamshi King Ballabh of Pratapnagar. Agrasena fathered 18 children, from whom the Agrawal gotras came into being.

The Aryans divided the Indian people in the following four categories which often got associated as four castes :-

  • The Brahmins -- those engaged in sacrifices, and priestly functions, advisers to the kings on matters of religion which gave them maximum benefit.

  • The Kshtriyas Called themselves as Rulers and warriors.

  • The Vaishyas -- Merchants, Managing business of farming, producers of milk, farming of cattles and tradesmen, financiers and money lenders to the general public and Kings.

  • The Shudras -- Laborers, craftsmen, service providers to all other communities.

Vedic literature prepared under the guidance of Aryans and modified by Brahmins from time to time made Vaishya the third class category of people out of four categories in Indian society for all purposes. Traditionally, they have composed the merchant class, and were forced to give donations for the construction of temples managed solely by Brahmins for their own interest and in dictatorial manner.

Brahmins made members of the Vaishya category of people traditionally in an awkward position in society, since they forced them into the 3rd ranking of the castes as described by Brahminical literature, but Agarwal Community form important part of world society. Agarwal community has never been happy due to atrocities committed on them for more than three thousand years after the murder of Great last Agarwal King, Harshvardhan.

Although Agarwals were wealthy and intelligent people for but were never given respected place or places of honour in society and in management of affairs of Goverance because they were declared in the lower part of the caste system. In practice there was not much difference between Vaishyas and Shudras when upper two castes came to committing atrocities. However, though they were economically strong because they controlled commerce and could save their lives by keeping some strong people of other communities with them.

In fact Agarwal Community people also termed as Vaishya were denied a high social status, for which they resented the upper castes. Since the Agarwal Community have long been associated with wealth, the caste has also historically been expected to participate in charity and alms giving. 99% of Indian temples were constructed with Agarwal community funds, along with other structures which are meant to benefit society in general.

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